ATC Team Resource Management (TRM) and Safety


United ATS as A corporate Member of IFATCA and As Sponsor for EATCA is Happy to offer the TRM course with Discounted price for IFATCA members

Trainee tuition fees including pickup and Drop-off Cairo Airport and One day Tour is 750USD.

This course will provide ATC supervisors and ANS managers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will permit them to develop positive attitudes and behaviors towards teamwork skills and human performance in an ATC environment in order to minimize the impact of teamwork related errors within the ATM system as well as develop and implement or improve a safety policy which will describe the organization fundamental safety approach for managing safety and the basic principles of the organization safety management program in accordance with Barbados local regulations and recommended international standards and best practices.


Upon successful completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Implement Team Building strategies within an ATC environment.
  • Develop strategies for managing functional teams within an ATC environment and guidelines for conducting team work activities.
  • Evaluate the impact of effective and efficient leadership
  • on team work.
  • Develop stress management coping skills in an ATC team working environment.
  • Develop a safety culture in the ANS
  • Apply accountabilities and responsibilities for the development and delivery of aviation safety strategy and performance.
  • Develop strategies aim at minimizing the risk associated with aircraft operations as low as reasonably practicable/achievable.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of safety standards for externally implemented systems and services
  • Establish a program to ensure the implementation of safety strategy and policy measuring the safety performance against realistic objectives and/or targets.

Who Sould Attend

  • Unit Chiefs of Air Traffic Services
  • ATCs AIS officers & ATS officers
  • Air Traffic Control Supervisors and Senior Air Traffic Control Officers who may be ask to perform the task of Shift Supervisor and Aeronautical Informational Service Staff.

Course Content


    Front line Managers and Shift Managers in the ANS with a sound knowledge of Air Traffic Control practices, procedures and regulations.

    Course Code
    Course Duration
    5 Day

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